Anyone have any idea on when Amazon Cognito will b...
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Anyone have any idea on when Amazon Cognito will be supported as an OIDC provider?
It actually works, if properly set up. The error with "state" variable is already fixed.
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It's important to have "name" and "email" attributes configured and filled in for every user. These attributes are being used in id token to show information about user in GoodData.CN.
cognito issuer url needs to be in format:
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Could we document it to make it officially supported?
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Yes, I plan to document working cognito setup in our docs. Unfortunately, it may be a bit fuzzy because cognito supports a broad variety of configurations and some settings are hard or impossible to change on existing cognito user pool.
Maybe concrete instructions/support for Cognito email/usermame/password integration and then some statement that other configurations may also work, with any known caveats.
So, bad news, the issue with
variable still persists on some cognito endpoints 😞 Good news is I most probably found a workaround and I try to incorporate it to some of the future releases.
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When you say some endpoints... what do you mean?
some regions... or something else
no, some API endpoints, most notably the
endpoint, that returns redirect url after successful login. I tested on eu-central-1 region, but I believe all regions are affected. I submitted question to AWS forum but there's no response so far. But we try to address this issue on application side.
As only the
endpoint shows this error, it means that it affects only cognito user pool users (that actively fill in username/password to the form) are affected. Federated IdP linked to the app client are not affected (like Google, Facebook, OIDC etc.), because these do not use this login form.
thx will check
we are planning to use Cognito...if not we will have to try with Auth0
🎉 New note created.