Also I would like to ask the following 2 questions...
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Also I would like to ask the following 2 questions regarding infrastructure which we deploy in Azure: 1. do you recommend dedicated node pool for the whole deployment or we can deploy it into a “standard” node pool mixed with other applications deployments? 2. can we use smaller SKU for redis (current recommendation sku == c4) and postgredb (current recommendation sku == GP_Gen5_4) azure resources? We start with less data so we think we could also start with the smaller sku.
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1. gooddata-cn can share the same node pool with other apps, provided there's sufficient resource capacity to host the workload. All apps have requests/limits set (and pretty low by default) so these can be fine tuned based on monitoring outputs. 2. postgredb - assuming you're talking about postgresql needed for internal metadata and not about data-source you plan to connect - yes, you can start with a smaller instance: GP_Gen5_2 will work just fine (I'm not well-versed in Azure instance flavors, but mostly anything with 2 cpus and 4GB ram for DB should work). As far as redis is concerned, this highly depends on expected diveristy of reports - I'd recommend to have more memory and less CPUs - 2 cpus will be enough but have at least 8 GB ram for redis to avoid unnecessary cache evictions.
thank you for the answers!