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Hi, @Chanan Braunstein from Marketron asked me asked me a question today I need a help to answer. Is it possible to configure the SSO in GD.CN the way that use is logged directly into workspace without seeing the homepage at all? cc: @Peter Plochan @Ondrej Macek
I’m keen to find the same answer - SSOing user directly to specific workspace.
Hi @Martin Svadlenka, GD.CN doesn’t support such configuration directly. There’s one workaround which comes to my mind, but it was never validated by the team: If the OIDC SSO provider supports something like “per-user application shortcut”, each such shortcut URL can be set to
(where the
can be e.g.
). The user can be then redirected to the proper workspace by using this shortcut, but this is limited to the interaction with the SSO provider itself and the provider must support such feature.