Hi GoodDataCN folks -- today GDCN 1.6 has Attribut...
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Hi GoodDataCN folks -- today GDCN 1.6 has Attribute filters which are multiple-select. Is it possible to achieve a single-select filter, or is this planned for an upcoming release?
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Hi Carson, just to understand each other. Are you talking about ability to let end user to set JUST one value in attrbitue filter by some administration settings on top of dashboard/insight? If so, this is not at the midd-term road-map atm.
Hi Martin - yes, goal here is to have a single-select filter that the end-user will choose one value from the attribute at a time (as a HTML select tag does, see example). I don't see a way to limit GD attribute filters to only select 1 value at a time. I understand 1.7 release will have additional customization of filters, so I ask if this feature will be included. Perhaps #gooddata-ui can recommend steps to do this via a custom JS filter... Thank you
I believe here the issue is not about LETting the user select a single value but FORCING them. Thus we can avoid user errors due to selecting multiple states resulting in reports with combined data.