Hey there! Prospective pro plan client here - I al...
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Hey there! Prospective pro plan client here - I also have a few questions that goes alongside Vajk' question with regard to scaling in a k8s environment: Topic: Scaling Does the amount of data processed in GoodData CN affect the resources consumed by the pod/container & by extension can require scaling? My use case is as follows: We work in a multi-tenant setting, where each tenant can have multiple GB of data; all of said data is located in a BigQuery dataset exposed to GoodData CN via a/multiple service accounts. When in self-hosted, does the GoodData container loads all the data to the container for processing, or does it performs the queries directly against BigQuery? Does the GD container index all of the values in the container?
Hi Phillipe! GD.CN doesn't load any data from the upstream databases to its own services. Instead the queries are executed directly in the customer's DB and only the results are processed in GD.CN (and also cached to improve average latency).
That's awesome, thanks! 😃