Topic: CDN / public dashboard access We are planni...
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Topic: CDN / public dashboard access We are planning to set up a few dashboards that would be publicly accessible, thus without any login being required. This means that the expected load is completely random. Do you have any suggestions, best practices on how to do this well? E.g.: • Is there a way to generate a completely standalone static output that contains all code and data? • If not, is it possible to cache all, or a part of the backend queries required to browse these dashboards? • Should we avoid some constructs, disable some features on these dashboards that could easily overload our servers? NOTE: We won't give any GDAPI_TOKENS to the public users, as currently with those they would have unlimited access to the backend. We already setup a proxy to perform access control. Our plan is to mix-in a token into requests inside the proxy. (We are assuming that no API responses from GD.CN are containing access tokens...) Thanks!
Assuming the prepared dashboard contains charts and tables with no or limited filtering functionality, the queries generated by users will be always/mostly the same. So data will be served from cached results stored in redis. I recommend measuring redis cache evictions in order to properly size the cache if the generated queries will be more random than expected.