Hello there, question from a GoodData newbie. Is t...
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Hello there, question from a GoodData newbie. Is there a way for me to filter only specific attribute values. E.g. I have got a list of countries (Dimension) for payments (Metrics) and want to only include countries A and B, the rest can be left out, in the country attribute as I want the payment information to be displayed only for countries A and B.
Hello Renat! One way to make this happen would be to use Data Permissions. With Data Permissions, you can limit the number of attribute elements (such as countries A and B) displayed for each specific user. Let me know if this would work for you!
Hello Renat, if you simply just want to create a report/insight that shows payments only for the two countries you can easily add a filter either to your metric/measure, insight or dashboard. The screenshot below shows an example of filter on insight level.
If what you mean though is that no users in the workspace should have access to data about any of the other countries (so you don't ever want to see countries other than A and B in any of your reports/dashboards) then that would be where what Jiri is talking about would come into play. The link Jiri posted works with the hosted GoodData Platform. If you are using GoodData CN then these data filters would be of interest to you instead.