Hi Team, I'm planning to use GoodData CN Free vers...
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Hi Team, I'm planning to use GoodData CN Free version to embed Analytics via Iframe. how can i add authentication to Iframe ?
Hi Karthick, embedding including authentication should be documented here: https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/docs/cloudnative_integration.html#step-5-configure-authentication Generally anything related to GoodData.UI (SDK) is documented in this dedicated documentation, not in GoodData.CN documentation, there are just links where necessary. Please, let us know, if the documentation helped you. If you need more info, please, describe your use case more in details. Thanks!
Actually our system has Vue JS as frontend, Do we have any documentation on using GoodData UI for vue js Application ?
Hi Kathrick, using GoodData.UI within Vue is unfortunately not something we actively support, so there is no documentation for it. However, there are two paths for you depending on your needs: You should be able to use the React components using something like vuera in the same vein like the Angular integration we document here. Disclaimer: vuera has not been tested by us and is not guaranteed to work. Alternatively, you can use just the React-independent parts of the GoodData.UI to communicate with the backend and get the data while providing the visualizations yourself. A good starting point would be this article. Hope this helps, feel free to reach out in case of some follow-up questions.
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