found the bootstrap.json, but I guess theres no w...
# gooddata-cn
found the bootstrap.json, but I guess theres no way yet to configure that before it boot straps ? thanks , would be great to already use it on k8s
Hello Björn, it is possible to use GoodData.CN CE on k8s, but you may find this approach a bit inconvenient. The trick is to set proper annotations on Ingress. The following example is for the most popular Ingress Controller
and it also contains annotation for
(feel free to update according to your needs). I hope it helps. Note this solution has some drawbacks, compared to native k8s solution: 1. Just a single organization can be used, because everything is internally rewritten to localhost:3000. There's no public interface for adding organizations. 2. API responses will contain invalid URLs in
attributes - instead of public hostname, all URLs will start with
. 3. It takes a lot of time to initialize all apps in the
pod - that's why I didn't included any liveness/readiness probes. But technically it's possible to add them, if you set up