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# gooddata-cn
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Hello Bjoern.
Let me explain.
great , thanks Martin 🙂
The GoodData.CN CE is not design to run on shared environments but local workstation. The CE = Community Edition is for evaluation and development purposes. The idea is that you start it on local to evaluate it and if you like it and you want to use it in production, you download/buy our production version which is designed to run in K8S. And also if you have your production version your engineers can develop on local workstation using the community edition, The localhost is hardcoded in the community edition. There are ways how to overcome it, but it is not supported. It should not be used like that. We have a thread about that in community. Please see: https://community.gooddata.com/administration-61/can-i-use-my-own-domain-name-with-gooddata-cn-evaluation-287
You can see comparison between plans/versions here: https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/#plans
The K8S version for production use cases will be released soon. Like in weeks.
great , ill work myself through the article and see how far I get .. Im mainly in need for running it already now due specific cluster appliance we are planning that has some "secret" data protection features that Id potentially like to see if I can leverage using in this case gooddata ...
its only for demo and there are no planned usages at this point until further agreements with gd
thanks again, especially for that ultra-fast response on a Sunday ... much appreciated 🙂
The article shows a way how to overcome the limitation of localhost. If you have your cloud and there you have a secret data which has to stay there and looking for BI tool, GoodData.CN is what you are looking for. It can run where you have the data! If you will have any more questions. Please let us know. We will be happy to help!