Hi GD team, Is there a way to control what authent...
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Hi GD team, Is there a way to control what authentication method a user uses when accessing an embedded dashboard? I've run into issues where I am authenticating through a JWT for an embedded dashboard but GoodData is using my Okta session instead. My end users may be using Okta for other apps but will be using JWT authentication when accessing the embedded dashboard in our product. I am embedding my dashboard with the argument of
as in the documentation here: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/embed-visualizations/iframes/embed-dashboard-via-iframe/ .
Hi Tim, this depends on the authentication method first used to log in to GoodData Cloud in the browser, if you already logged in to the platform via your OKTA session, there won't be any need to authenticate again in the embedded dashboard as the session is shared. I would suggest testing removing GoodData from OKTA for a single user, but if this is not desirable, please feel free to specify your use case and let us know why a same user should be able to use two different authentication methods for GoodData Cloud.