Have a question regarding having two dimension dat...
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Have a question regarding having two dimension date in the same insight. I'm trying to have side by side Appointment by their creation date and Appointment by their start date. ā€¢ More info: Appointment = Event, Event type = appointment. Is their a way to force a date dimension directly into a query?
Hello Jeremy, in Analytical Designer it is possible to add two date dimensions to the insight, you would just need to make sure that each of them correspond to one of the dimensions in question; you can set this from the date configuration menu:
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@Moises Morales I've try that the problem is that I would like to only have the count the group by show them yearly
I would need something like this
but I can only use filter date according to one dimension
I see, in this case, I would recommend working with a so called disconnected date dimension; it will allow you to control insights with different date dimensions via a "universal date" filter. The know how can be found in the following documentation, please note that while it shows screenshots for our legacy UI, the principle is still same: https://help.gooddata.com/classic/en/data-integration/data-modeling-in-gooddata/data-[ā€¦]cloudconnect-and-apis/painless-disconnected-date-dimensions/
Exactly what I was looking for thank you really much šŸ™‚
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