Hi everyone, I'd like to report a visual glitch/bu...
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Hi everyone, I'd like to report a visual glitch/bug we encountered while creating a visualization. When editing a visualization and adding metrics, the loader sometimes disappears, leaving us without any visual feedback during the recalculation process. This can be particularly problematic with larger reports, as it may take a considerable amount of time to display the results. Thanks.
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Hi Alexandre, thank you for reporting this. I want to let you know that our engineers are aware of this and we have an internal ticket with all the details of the behaviour; the blank canvas appears when a complex metric is being computed or when multiple metrics are added at once to the insight. At this time, I am unable to provide a ETA for the fix, but depending on how critical this is for you, you may also reach out to your account owner @Greta for escalation.
Super thanks for the information.