I'm looking to display a single highlighted name (...
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I'm looking to display a single highlighted name (e.g., "Top Selling Employee") – is there a good way to do this in GD Cloud? I'm not wanting a table; I'd like something like the Headline element but for a Label. For example: let's say for data I have a table of Employees and a list of Sales (where each Sale has an EmployeeId). I want to highlight the top-selling employee on our GD dashboard, possibly one by dollar value, one by sales count. Using metrics, I could easily get the sales count/dollar value sum per Employee, or else using a sql subquery at the Store level (assuming each Employee has a StoreId) I could even get the top Employee's name, but (1) the sql subquery method seems likely to be slow, (2) the sql subquery method doesn't leverage gooddata (I assume there's a proper pattern for this?), and (3) I have no good way of highlighting that name anyway. What is the proper GoodData-esque solution to a "highlighted" label?
Hi Kayden, I am really sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but as far as I know, this is not possible right now. But I understand such functionality might be pretty useful for other customers as well. Please let me submit a product feedback on your behalf and share your idea with our Product Management team.
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Thanks Ivana; good to know. Seems like it wouldn't be too hard to implement, and would be super nice! Would be a very clear and readable visualization 🙂
I really hope so. 😉
+1 on that being useful
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