Hi all, We're using GoodData in our Dashboard prod...
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Hi all, We're using GoodData in our Dashboard product. Each of our customers has a unique dashboard they log in to and each customer has their own GD workspace. We output analytics for them in our dashboard via GoodData using the iframe embed method. We'd like to configure drill to url functionality for specific charts across our workspaces. We've read through the docs and can see that it is possible to manually configure drill to url functionality via the GoodData dashboard (https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/create-dashboards/drilling-in-dashboards/set-drill-into-hyperlink/) but we are wondering if there is any other way we can achieve the drill to url functionality without the need to set this up manually as described in the linked docs? If not, if we are using a master workspace as the basis for each of our customer workspaces, is it possible to set up the drill to url functionality in the master workspace and have that propagate to each customer workspace?
Hello James, I see that you have posted the link to the cloud documentation, but are posting in the platform channel. I belief you are working with the platform, correct? In that case, you should be following the doc HERE. There is an API call to Drill into a report Item when you are configuring a dashboard. As for the master workspace, you are working with LCM and therefore if something is implemented in the master workspace it will pass down to the other workspaces in the segment.
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Hi Joseph, aha, thanks for the correct link. Yes, we are working with the platform
Thanks for confirming that changes made in the master workspace will pass down