Hi, the naming conventions for creating relationsh...
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Hi, the naming conventions for creating relationships in gooddata are super powerful. However, is there any convention for setting a default label? I can set a label by naming the columns
but I'm not sure how to make that the default label for the
Hi Kraig, If you have additional labels assigned to one attribute, you can specify which one is the default attribute label. When you create an attribute with multiple labels, the first label from the list is assigned as the default one. To change the default label, use the Alter attribute syntax.
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CREATE ATTRIBUTE {attr.quotes.attribute} AS LABELS {attr.quotes.label1} VISUAL(TITLE "Label 1"),  {attr.quotes.label2};
ALTER ATTRIBUTE {attr.quotes.attribute} DEFAULT LABEL {attr.quotes.label2};
You can refer to the following article for more details on this topic: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/growth/en/data-integration/data-modeling-in-gooddata/data-modeling-and-maql/maql-ddl/#default-label
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