We are a vertical SaaS company with a lot of repor...
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We are a vertical SaaS company with a lot of reports built on another embedded analytics offering. It looks like the only way to create a Parent workspace and then children below it is via API? (didn't see a way to do this in the API) Hoping someone can confirm this is the case?
I would also love some pointers on how to take the below production app schema into an LDM - my initial take is that we would need to use SQL dataset with a join to bring the line item and pricing table to one Gooddata dataset? Also, with MQL can I create a number of line items metric for transaction that counts the transaction id in a linked data set (transaction line items?
Hi Chris, There is a release later today that will introduce the Visualization of Workspace Hierarchies in the UI. This will show parent-child relationships between workspaces and even allow for creating child workspaces in the UI
as for you LDM and metrics inquiry, this would depend on how you intend to have your datasets interact, and if your LDM will evolve over time. A good place to start with some of these things is at our GoodData University. This will help you with designing your LDM and also building metrics based on that design.
Thanks @Joseph Heun! I did review the courses at length but the examples are much more simple than what we are building so was hoping for some help. If we move forward with GoodData is there a way to get initial setup support? From everything I have heard about you guys it's that the product is great but the learning curve can be a lot so trying to figure out how to reduce that as a busy startup founder 😄
Hey @Chris Light, I can share with you in the meeting tomorrow the different packages that we have with Professional Services. These onboarding consultation/training hours work best to speed up the learning curve. 🙂
Sounds good, thanks!
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