Hello all, I'd like to know if the following featu...
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Hello all, I'd like to know if the following features from GoodData platform's metrics are going to be developed for the cloud version: Set metric tags, using GD Cloud's interface (for lcm purposes) Separate metrics using folders, for organization purposes. Some workspaces may have too many metrics for a single list. Restrict editting rights to some metrics (lock), in order to make sure the standard version won't be changed (also for lcm).
Hi Diego, thanks for sharing this feedback - Let me check this with our Product team and I’ll get back to you once I have more details. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!
Hello @DIEGO MATOS GUEDES, • ATM we do support tags for metrics and respect them in the organization of data catalog in AD. However, the tags can only be configured with API/IDE. • We plan to productize our analytical catalog which should improve the organization of analytical objects in Q3 and I believe management of tags from UI can be included in scope. • ATM we can only restrict selected metrics as read-only by using parent/child workspace hierarchy. Using parent workspace to build certified content that is locked in the child workspaces. We don’t currently offer permissions to achieve this.