Hello all. Is there a reason why GoodData Cloud lo...
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Hello all. Is there a reason why GoodData Cloud loads alpha versions of the GoodData UI SDK, as opposed to the latest official release? e.g. currently seems to be loading
Hi Eoghan, are you loading dashboard plugins or just the dashboard itself? You can upgrade the plugins as mentioned here: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/gooddata-ui/latest/references/dashboard_component/dashboard_plugins_upgrade/ Some parts of the Dashboard component are still in the beta stage. The Dashboard component has a rich set of APIs, but not all of them are stable yet. Carefully read the API maturity annotations, and keep in mind that in the future releases we may make breaking changes to the APIs that are on the
Hi Joseph - sorry for the delayed reply, I seem to keep missing notifications in Slack from the GoodData channel.
In this example, I’m loading the Analytics Designer embedded via an iframe, with a Dashboard selected. No plugins.
But I see the same messages in the browser console even when visiting the gooddata cloud domain, e.g.
I can rephrase my question for clarity. For production GoodData instances: 1. Do they only use the latest released version of the GoodData UI SDK (which right now is 10.2.0)? 2. Or do they use an unreleased alpha version, like the console messages suggest?
This is primarily for clarity and our own awareness. I understand that there are areas of the API which are flagged for alpha or beta, so we should account for that - and also that breaking library changes will be communicated to customers ahead of time, and minor or patch updates are backwards compatible.
Hi Eoghan, I have discussed this a bit with our engineers, and in the KD plugin we always use the latest version. We have CI/CD so we constantly produce alphas and these are used in integration. The SDK official release is every 14 days.
Thanks Joseph that’s what I was looking for, and also is the answer I was expecting simple smile Cheers!
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