Hi :wave: Would it be possible to keep having the ...
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Hi 👋 Would it be possible to keep having the choice of the aggregation function on the visual editor when using a custom metric, as done for facts?
for my exact use case, I have a custom metric
Net New Recurring Revenue
which is the sum of different facts. But I want my final user being able to decide about the aggregation, avg, runsum, sum, ...
right now I see not other option but to duplicate my metric for each aggregation function... which is not ideal
or did I miss something?
Hi Laurent, unfortunately it’s not possible to switch through the different aggregation functions once the metric has been created- the only way to change the aggregation would be to “edit” the metric. So as you mentioned, if you wanted multiple variations (avg, runsum, sum) you would need to create multiple metrics
ok thanks for the confirmation
Hi Laurent, one possibility to achieve such a freedom for the end users would be to define the metric using the last-mile ETL (SQL dataset in the LDM modeler). If you define a new column in the LDM using SQL, the system will treat it as any other fact and allow the user to select aggregation type. https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/model-data/create-logical-data-model/create-sql-datasets/
Indeed that's the option we're considering, thanks!
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