Hi, I am looking to embed into a Flask applicatio...
# gd-beginners
Hi, I am looking to embed into a Flask application I am building using the Web Components framework.
<script type="module" src="<https://app.localis.co/components/295749a83b8a4cd98d18598b7eb67b2a.js?auth=sso>"></script>
<div class="row">
<gd-insight insight="2215c8a3-8784-4dd3-bb9f-88127fd426d3"></gd-insight>
I've got this html snippet on a page and it doesn't seem to be loading anything. The page begins with three dots loading something but then nothing appears after that. Console shows no errors, CORS is enabled and functional. See screenshots below. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Paiwand, if the CORS is set up correctly, first thing I would check browser console log for potential errors and also network tab to see if the API requests are processed correctly. Can you please send us screenshots if you see there anything suspicious? Also, are you sure that you are using correct insight ID in your request?
I get no errors on the console, network has 200s on all the gooddata related calls. Where do I get the insight id or dashboarrd id from? Could potentially be that.
I'm trying to dynamically call it based on the dashboards/insights a user might have so any direction in terms of where I can get that from the Python SDK would be great as I am looking to feed it dynamically into the web components HTML.
Seems to be a third-party cookie blocking problem...
i assume this mean local development isn't possible?
Hi Paiwand, I'm afraid that is correct at this time. Local development is not possible.
If you have an issue with Third Party Cookies, maybe the following article will help: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/manage-organization/set-up-cors-for-organization/