Hi guys, Ive got a question for you. We are workin...
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Hi guys, Ive got a question for you. We are working in gooddata platform • My problem is that we are using the group function to display some dashboard to some users ◦ Group A will only display to a list of specific users ◦ Group B will be available for everyone except the specific users of group A So when a user from group A or B is creating a dashboard w/ Explorer role, he can see & share the dashboard with group A or B. • Is their a way to completely hide the group from the sharing dropdown OR • Is their a way to display only the group that im part of in the sharing dropdown
Hi Jeremy, it’s not possible to hide those groups with this role “Explorer” - as mentioned in the following documentation, this role allows users to create, edit and share dashboards they created: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/growth/en/workspace-and-user-administration/managing-users-in-workspaces/user-roles/ • Explorer can access dashboards in a workspace on a view-only basis. The Explorer users can access Analytical Designer*, and create and edit insights. They can also access, create, and edit Dashboards*, and share dashboards they created. The navigation bar is visible, but the Manage page are not available. Role identifier: explorerRole If none of the existing user roles does not meet your business requirements, you can request a custom user role. For more information, see Create a Custom User Role.
Thank you for the reply