Plugin not loading and CSP issue, whatโ€™s missing? ...
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Plugin not loading and CSP issue, whatโ€™s missing? Iโ€™m testing the process to build a custom plugin. I ran with the boilerplate tutorial ( , and the readme on github). The output of the linking seems all good:
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๐Ÿ›ˆ Reading .env and .env.secrets files.
๐Ÿ›ˆ Everything looks valid. Going to link plugin on the dashboard.
๐Ÿ›ˆ   Hostname    : <>   (<http://GoodData.CN|GoodData.CN>)
๐Ÿ›ˆ   Workspace   : 2c2654a3fed743caacc58c138057a25f
๐Ÿ›ˆ   Dashboard   : 5809bccc-f891-4257-9ce2-0bb1edbf2efc
๐Ÿ›ˆ   Plugin obj  : e71ee4b1-f614-4d42-9116-6aa348e15372
โœ” Linked dashboard 5809bccc-f891-4257-9ce2-0bb1edbf2efc with plugin e71ee4b1-f614-4d42-9116-6aa348e15372.
The plugin file loads in a browser. But when I load the dashboard, no plugin, and the dev tools show a CSP error, though I added the s3 bucket url to
. Have I missed something?
Hi Romain, for the plugin to load, you need to define a CSP Directive according to Enable CSP for an Organization and CORS according to Enable CORS for an Organization.
it was already setup like this: And the code loads from: Am I doing something wrong on this trial account?
Found the origin of the pb. Could be useful for others. Itโ€™s on the s3 side of things and you need to set the CORS header there:
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        "AllowedHeaders": [
        "AllowedMethods": [
        "AllowedOrigins": [
        "ExposeHeaders": [],
        "MaxAgeSeconds": 3000