I’m getting a UI SDK error which is preventing me ...
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I’m getting a UI SDK error which is preventing me from testing / developing plugins. Conosle errors are:
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5099.67e0f7f….js:2 The dashboard plugin table_with_text_wrap 2.0.0 requires engine with version >=10.0.0 <=10.0.0, but the loaded dashboard engine has version 10.2.0-alpha.29.
5099.67e0f7f….js:2 Some external dashboard plugin is incompatible with the loaded dashboard engine. None of the external plugins will be initialized.
This is in one of our test environments.
is a plugin we’re trying to update to use the GoodData UI SDK v10. GoodData UI v10.2 isn’t available for me to list as a dependency. Any help on how I can get around this would be much appreciated.
Hi Eoghan, According to our frontend engineers:
It depends how the plugin was built, we would need to see the source of the plugin.
This is the check for compatibility inside our code https://github.com/gooddata/gooddata-ui-sdk/blob/master/libs/sdk-ui-loaders/src/dashboard/loadingStrategies/determineDashboardEngine.ts#L35-L39
When the compatibility field is present, it's taken first (and we fill it for peer deps so for example the plugin built with sdk v 10 would get ^10.0.0 which would satisfy it)
if it's missing, the minengine/maxengine version is taken https://github.com/gooddata/gooddata-ui-sdk/blob/master/tools/dashboard-plugin-template/src/plugin_entry/index.ts#L22-L24
Hope this helps! 🙂
Hi Radek Thank you for the update, that’s useful. I think the problem might be that I haven’t set the
with a carat - I only did that for the production
. I’ll update the
(and the
for good measure) to use the
format and see if that works.
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Hi there Eoghan, has the dependency change ended up helping?
Hello Radek! The dependency change alone was not enough, but we were able to resolve this. We also needed the two most recent changes to the entry files https://github.com/gooddata/gooddata-ui-sdk/commits/master/tools/dashboard-plugin-template/src/plugin_entry/index.ts
So it was an oversight on our part. And in fact to ensure we didn’t overlook anything this time around, we opted for the bootstrap approach described in the
Upgrade Dashboard Plugins
Actually it was the feedback from you and your engineers about the compatibility check that helped me realise our plugins were missing those sections. Thanks for your help!
Excellent, glad to hear that! Hope you have a good week ahead then 🙂
You too, thanks again simple smile