hi, another quick question. I could just try this ...
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hi, another quick question. I could just try this and see but before I do that can you let me know if GoodData will treat a view of data in Snowflake the same as an actual materialised table? more info in thread
We originally set up a DBT project over Snowflake data where the end point was a GoodData mart that was materialised and exposed to GoodData. That all works fine
What I want to do is make the reporting data available for internal use so have created a generic reporting layer which I would like to materialise. I would prefer the GoodData mart to just be a view of that materialised reporting layer with just some minor tweaks needed just for Gooddata (e.g. sort order columns for display order in visuals). Will GoodData have any problems with this change?
@William Whelan FYI
Hello @Jamie Lawrie, we are using Snowflake as our dwh and I have not encountered any troubles switching from materialised tables to views in multiple occasions we have done it in the past (not including the obvious ones originating from the views complexity or permissions). Currently we are using mixture of materialised tables and views without noticing any pitfalls.
great thanks @Marek Zelc