Gooddata team. For Gooddata EKS cluster, what is ...
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Gooddata team. For Gooddata EKS cluster, what is your recommendation for running in AWS for EKS compute : EC2 vs Fargate and why ? or does the Gooddata CN support that configuration (EKS with Fargate) at all ?
Hi Neeraj, let me double check with our engineers and I’ll get back to you.
Hi, GoodData CN can run on Fargate profile, but we do not recommend it. Fargate is perfect solution for batch processing and stateless workload. It's great for job workload when short-living pods are created and deleted. StatefulSets that need mounted volumes, CAN run on fargate as long as the underlying volume is backed by EFS (EBS is not supported by fargate). This may degrade performace of applications like postgres database or apache pulsar. Another aspect is price. In kubernetes, capacity is assigned to pods by setting "requests" and "limits" for cpu and memory. These values can be arbitrary. But on Fargate, you must choose from specific values with given increments. As each fargate node can run just one pod, and each node has some overhead (256MB), running small pods will soon become very inefficient. For example, gooddata-cn runs 14 small pods with UI applications. Each such pod can consume upto 0.1CPU and 35MB memory, so it's 1.4CPU and 490MB RAM in total. On fargate the same workload would require to start 14 nodes with minimal size (0.25CPU and 0.5GB RAM), making total resource consumption 3.5CPU and 7GB RAM.