Hello all. We’ve identified a GoodData UI bug. If ...
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Hello all. We’ve identified a GoodData UI bug. If an empty table is used in a dashboard, the dashboard crashes on load with the following console error:
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Uncaught Error: Minified React error #185; visit <https://reactjs.org/docs/error-decoder.html?invariant=185> for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.
at rs (961.40eb78a.js:2:102525)
at eo (961.40eb78a.js:2:67692)
at Object.d (1109.40eb78a.js:2:5360)
at Object.o [as callback] (1109.40eb78a.js:2:3367)
at 1109.40eb78a.js:2:3562
at cs (961.40eb78a.js:2:105802)
at Object.notify (1109.40eb78a.js:2:3531)
at Object.notifyNestedSubs (1109.40eb78a.js:2:3944)
at C (1109.40eb78a.js:2:5141)
at 1109.40eb78a.js:2:5030
The empty table loads fine as a standalone visualization (i.e. via the Analyze tab). One of our customers experienced this problem, and I was able to replicate in our dev environment. Steps to reproduce: • Create and save a table with at least one field - I used an attribute as a Row field • Create a dashboard, add the table, save the dashboard • Remove the field so the table is empty, save the viz • Try to load the dashboard again - it will fail and throw the React error There is no traceId or other warning logged, just the React error. Could GoodData support please investigate this?
Hi Eoghan, I checked on my end, and this is a known bug which we already reported to our engineers. As you said, it occurs whenever an empty visualization is saved to a dashboard. This is a bit of an edge case, so we don’t have an ETA for a fix, but rest assured that it’s in our scopes. For now, please avoid adding empty visualizations to your dashboards as a workaround; If one is added by accident, accessing it from Analytical Designer and adding some data there should allow the dashboard to load. Thanks!
Thanks Francisco. Look forward to seeing a fix for this. In the meantime we’ll advise our customers about this.
@Francisco Antunes for known bugs like this, are they collected anywhere we could see them? I understand it’s not something GoodData would put front and centre on the public website, but for existing users it would be useful to see a list of known bugs so we don’t have to wait for our own customers to discover them.
Hi Eoghan, thanks for the reply. At this point we don’t have a public-facing (or at least externally-facing) list of bugs. Not that much because of any perception issues, as you noted, but because it likely wouldn’t be very useful, as it’d be in constant flux - our devs and engineers are continuously working on improving the product, and nothing stays on the queue very long. Not to mention the required extra clerical work of keeping it up-to-date, and curating the list - selecting those issues that may actually be encountered by end-users. Although my wording may have given the impression that this particular bug is well-known and been languishing for a long time, it was first discovered only a few days ago. That said, when we do encounter issues or bugs with larger impact, we proactively reach out to customers and explain the issue and any possible workarounds - but even that occurs only rarely. I hope this helps assuage your concerns!