Hi friends, I'm having trouble opening a 2nd works...
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Hi friends, I'm having trouble opening a 2nd workspace folder in VS Code. I've gone through with gd init --> gd clone --> all set in Workspace A. But when doing the process over for Workspace B, I'm unable to proceed starting from either gd init or gd clone. I run into errors saying that a Gooddata.yaml file is already present, or that I'm not authorized to change app data (may be a VS code issue there.) Any tips on this?
Hello Daniel, with VS Code extension you need to have a new folder with gooddata.yaml in it for each of your workspaces. The extension currently does not support multi-workspace environments. Can you confirm your folder structure looks like this? • Workspace A ◦ gooddata.yaml ◦ analytics • Workspace B ◦ gooddata.yaml ◦ analytics
Well, it looks like: • Workspace A ◦ gooddata.yaml ◦ analytics • Workspace B ◦ [empty] So I open up the Workspace B folder in VS Code, and type in 'gd clone', and i get this error:
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gd clone
GoodData Analytics v0.7.0
Clone the analytical objects from the workspace.

[e] Command failed with error
[e] [Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, scandir 'C:\Users\<myname>\Application Data'] {
  errno: -4048,
  code: 'EPERM',
  syscall: 'scandir',
  path: 'C:\\Users\\<myname>\\Application Data'
solution found: I was being blocked because i had somehow previously created a gooddata.yaml all the way up in my C:// dir, so I was being blocked from opening up a new workspace connection anywhere in my whole file structure. i deleted the stray gooddata.yaml file up at the top, and was then able to init and clone properly in my empty Workspace B folder
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Thanks for sharing the root cause. I will share the issue back to the team to check if we can improve the experience when working with multiple gooddata.yaml files.