Hi :wave:, Could any of you please help me with th...
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Hi 👋, Could any of you please help me with this trace id? 💡
Hi Brunno, Could you please give us some more context? I can see some general errors in our logs, for example:
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A result cache error has occurred during the calculation of the result
Can you please clarify what exactly triggers this error?
Hi Julius, thanks for the answer! I have a view that uses a federated query from redshift to postgres. When I'm building an Insight and I try to add some columns, this happens.
I notice that it happens when I'm adding columns from joined tables
I can see all data in the same view using any other redshift client. Including the columns good data is not loading
Thanks for the information, so do I understand correctly that you are using the data-source-manager?
No (kind of?)... I have a Redshift data source connected to Good Data and this Redshift database has a connection with a postgres database
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For some reason Good Data is aborting the query. I can capture the query that Good Data is sending to Redshift and copying that same query, it loads when using another Redshift client. When I filter for a very small amount of data, 5 or 10 rows, it works in Good Data.
I can see that in the previous thread with my colleague, you were able to solve the situation by amending your datasource view is that correct? As the issue still persist, I would also like to ask you to send an email to support@gooddata.com with all the information you’ve provided so far. Also, please include the information regarding how did the fix looked like last time (the view before, and amended view which fixed the last issue). Hopefully it will shed some light on the problem.
Sorry, the last one was not a solution. I realized that’s the same issue.