Are there any UX features to clone/duplicate works...
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Are there any UX features to clone/duplicate workspaces? If not, is this a roadmap item?
i.e if I wanted to carry over the LDM and the metrics / dashboards created and duplicate it to another workspace - is the only function to do this via API?
I tried downloading the JSON file and uploading to a new workspace but the insights, metrics and pre-created dashboards didn't carry over
Hello Max, workspace cloning can currently be performed via the API as explained here:
Doing this via the UI is not possible at the moment, but I can gladly pass the feedback to our developers, could you let us know how critical this is for you or your business use case?
Hi Max, you can also use GoodData for VS Code to clone a LDM, metrics, insights, and dashboards. In my opinion, the usage of this tool is more user friendly than dealing with the raw APIs.
Thanks team, super helpful. I will pass on to our dev team, however, to answer Moises question - it would be high on the list for us to simply click the 3 dots of a workspace and just duplicate an entire workspace and the metrics, insights and dashboards.
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Thanks for the additional details, @Max Donsky. I have shared them internally as product feedback 🙌