and created react app with gooddata sdk, I am able...
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and created react app with gooddata sdk, I am able to render data in InsightView component but while working with AttributeFilter, I have set default filter to render data by default in InsightView Component which is not working. i followed the documentation and copied exact code to make it work here is the link but when i filter data from attributefilter its not filtered data inside InsightView, Can someone help on this? I am sharing complete code snippet here. // (C) 2019-2023 GoodData Corporation import React, {useState} from "react"; import { BackendProvider, WorkspaceProvider } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui"; import { InsightView } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui-ext"; import { Dashboard } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui-dashboard"; import { backend } from "./backend.js"; import * as Md from "./catalog.js"; import img from "./assets/gooddata-logo.svg"; import { newMeasureValueFilter, newPositiveAttributeFilter, modifyMeasure } from "@gooddata/sdk-model"; import { AttributeFilter } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui-filters"; import { idRef, newNegativeAttributeFilter, uriRef } from "@gooddata/sdk-model"; export const App = () => { const [filter1, setFilter] = useState( newPositiveAttributeFilter("rep_purchase_orders_vw.client_name", ["Acadia Pharmaceuticals - SV1", "Brahma Group"]), ); return ( <BackendProvider backend={backend}> <WorkspaceProvider workspace={workspaceId}> <div className="app"> <AttributeFilter filter={filter1} onApply={(filter, _isInverted) => { console.log(filter); setFilter(filter); }} /> <figure> <InsightView filters={filter1} insight={Md.Insights.PurchaseOrders} showTitle workspace={workspaceId}/> </figure> </div> </WorkspaceProvider> </BackendProvider> ); }; Also i am sharing console error i got!