Hi, I am working with one of my client for Gooddat...
# gooddata-cloud
Hi, I am working with one of my client for Gooddata cloud solutions where i am integrating insightview react component, but i am completely new to gooddata not sure where from i can start?
Hi Vikas, I’d start with our documentation. You can also check our Example Gallery or take some of our free courses available at GoodData University. Please let us know in case you’d face some issues or get stuck on some step during your development.
@Ivana Gasparekova thanks for you reply.
Is there any way to InsightView with filter ?
Sure thing, please check how Filter Visual Components work. You can find the example here .
Hi @Ivana Gasparekova I am not seeing any data instead error
how to overcome on this error?
& also for newPositiveAttributeFilter("rep_purchase_orders_vw.po_name", []),
if i am sending blank object value to newPositiveAttributeFilter that time it is not showing me any results in the table