Does anybody experience as well in this graph that...
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Does anybody experience as well in this graph that max. value is shown as blue?
If you need to change the colors being displayed, it can be done in the configuration dropdown in the Analytical Designer.
Hi @Markéta Jedličková, the blue color (lekarna cz in Nov 2023) indeed seems to be out of the color sequence. Can you confirm it is the highest value? Higher than Lekarna cz in Dec 2023?
Yes it is highest value. FOr this type of graph is possible to set only one value 🙂
Hi @Markéta Jedličková, how did it go on your end, please? Were you able to set the colors as per your needs? Looks like the original attachment was removed.
I discussed in chat with @Tomas Muchka and it looks like a bug. It was fixed by removing one filter. But with filtering empty values of some variable it showed this issue.