I have a workspace hierarchy. Its two levels. On...
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I have a workspace hierarchy. Its two levels. One is the parent workspace and then it has X child workspaces. I have a workspace data filter on the parent, and I reference that workspace data filter on the child workspaces data filter settings. I would like to rename the workspace data filter id. It seems like I will be able to do that without impacting the child workspace data filter settings. I'm going to try it in our test environment and thought I'd should also ask here. Can I change a workspace data filter ID after its been created and after other workspaces data filter settings have referenced the workspace data filter?
Hi Levi, you should definitely be able to edit the Workspace Data Filter ID, by performing a PUT on the
endpoint. However, any such changes need to be reflected in the
for each child workspace as well, under
. Otherwise the filter will no longer be applied there. See the article Set Up Data Filters in Workspaces for more details!
I did that first step and as you mentioned, those changes didn't get reflected in the child workspaces. Without executing any API calls, the data modeler looks like this:
So that tracks with what you said
I believe the WDF ID is also used in the Logical Data Model (in this case of parent workspace) and each WDF is referenced by its ID there for each dataset. Have you changed the ID there? EDIT: I think this is where the modeller takes info for this "not applied" in your screenshot.
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Thanks for another clue. I'll check on that
Looking at the underlying LDM, it appears the workspaceDataFilterReferences property is missing after the PUT update to the workspace data filter.
Some relationships between GoodData objects are so-called "weak" meaning you can update one side without updating the other side accordingly. It's intentional, it should provide a flexibility in relevant cases. Not sure if this is the case here, let me check it internally.
🎉 New note created.
I do not think there is easy way how to rename the identifier because of the weak relationship mentioned by Jan. I suggest to create duplicate WDF with new identifier but the same settings and then update LDM to use the new WDF instead of the old one. Old WDF can be then deleted as the last step.