Hello everyone, I ran into the following issue: b...
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Hello everyone, I ran into the following issue: basically, in our company we need to pass through data from Stripe into GoodData Cloud platform in order to create visualizations. The best option that we found is to set up a data pipeline between Stripe and AWS Redshift and from Redshift have the data pushed to GoodData. I followed through the instructions provided by Stripe for setting up the Data Pipeline for our AWS Redshift DC2 cluster as here, and it's currently working and Redshift tables are being updated automatically. However, when I tried to connect Redshift to GoodData Cloud I got this error message. It mentioned that external schema "public" cannot be set in search_path, and indeed the schema is external. I configured it using the Stripe suggested way of doing it by linking it to AWS Lake Formation via resource link:
create external schema [schema name]
from data catalog
database '[resource link]'
iam_role 'arn:aws:iam::[account ID]:role/[previously created role];';
As I understand the data from Stripe is not being stored directly on Redshift and it's rather stored in S3 and retrieved using Redshift Spectrum. I was wondering if anyone had possibly run into similar issue and what would be the best approach to work on it? Would I need to add some extra permissions on AWS IAM side? P.S. We also have another cluster with our in-house data in Redshift, that doesn't use this external schema set up, and it connected to GoodData with no issues.
Hello Konstantin, Honestly, I am not quite sure if this type of connection is supported or not, but I will loop in our engineering to double-check this. (Similar question was raised recently here.) In the meanwhile, could you confirm that you have followed instruction from our documentation? For e.g., where you able to configure User Access Rights as navigated in this article?