Hello :wave: I had a question regarding the abilit...
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Hello 👋 I had a question regarding the ability to hide certain buttons / options when embedding a dashboard in our app as a web component. For example, we want to embed a dashboard without allowing users to edit it or use the function "Explore from here" on the individual visualizations, but ideally maintaining the ability to export the single visualizations, or exporting the whole dashboard as a PDF. Is there a way we could achieve this? Thanks in advance
Hi Raffaella, you can hide the “Explore from here” using dashboard permissions - Dashboard permissions dictate who can view, share and edit a particular dashboard. Please see following documentation that will help you with this - Please see role “Workspace.VIEW” and dashboard permission: *Dashboard.EDIT “*User cannot open or edit visualizations; The Explore from here option is disabled. https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/manage-organization/manage-permissions/set-permissions-for-dashboards/
Thanks @Michael Ullock for the directions!