Hi, Currently, we have a measure that shows a coun...
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Hi, Currently, we have a measure that shows a count in #. We can also show it in %. But we didn’t find any way to show both the count in # and % (through the hover for example). Any suggestions ?
Hi Laura, currently we do not support this functionality where through the “hover” details pop-up it would show values in reports broken down by multiple mathematical functions, for example: percentage, count, AVG I will be happy to mark this as product feedback on your behalf. But I would like also recommend that you follow our Release Notes below to see what new functionality and features that will be coming to our Cloud platform soon: https://community.gooddata.com/product-updates
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Hi Laura, As my colleague mentioned, it is not currently possible out of the box. However, there is a possible workaround which uses some MAQL and Metric formatting magic. You could use something like this:
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select round({metric/metric1}/(select {metric/metric1} by all other)*100)+ {metric/metric1}/1000000
It calculates percentage as integer part and raw number as in decimal digits (as millionths). For example
Metric format:
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#,##0\% ({{{.000001|1000000|#,##0}}})
will display such number as
50% (123)
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That's great ! Thanks a lot, I will try that 🙂
Hi ! @Julius Kos Thanks a lot, I confirm it works and it's a good temporary workaround ! Still, obviously it would be easier and clearer not to have to use such an hack so if this can be added in your idea box as suggested by @Michael Ullock that would be great too. Thanks again for your help.