Hello, we use LogRocket in our application in orde...
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Hello, we use LogRocket in our application in order to track user sessions. We faced an issue that LogRocket can't capture GoodData Dashboard because the dashboard renders inside a cross-domain iframe. A LogRocket documentation says that if we want to capture a cross-domain iframe, we must initialize LogRocket inside the iframe, like in the example:
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LogRocket.init(YOUR_APP_ID, {
  mergeIframes: true,
  parentDomain: '<https://app.zentist.io>',
Is it possible from your side to add support for LogRocket?
Hi Natalia, You should be able to solve this by adding the URL as an enabled CORS origin: https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/2.5/manage-organization/set-up-cors-for-organization/
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