Hi team, We are implementing our own dashboard ser...
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Hi team, We are implementing our own dashboard service using GoodData's React SDK. This service uses OIDC with Auth0 for authentication and requires Auth0 login to open the dashboard. At that time, the following puzzling behavior occurs 1. Open our service (https://www.one-rehatch.jp/) 2. The page will be redirected to Auth0 by React SDK and the login screen appears. 3. When we the successful login via Auth0, we expect the page redirect to https://www.one-rehatch.jp/, but it may redirect to the GoodData URL (https://rehatch.cloud.gooddata.com/). We have identified that the above redirection is occurring within redirectToTigerAuthentication, but do not know the reason beyond that. We also have done Custom Domain setting up in Auth0 according to the official help. Do you have any information on this?
Hi Yuya, I’m not sure about your auth0 setup (feel free to provide more details if needed) but have you tried checking the following article? https://community.gooddata.com/administration-61/embed-dashboard-with-a-silent-login-via-auth0-570 However the article is mentioning our self hosted version GD.CN but the logic behind is applicable to GoodData Cloud as well.