hi all, im trying to create an insight in good dat...
# gooddata-cloud
hi all, im trying to create an insight in good data cloud but i get this error. Do you know how I can get more info as to what is causing the issue?
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  "title": "Internal Server Error",
  "status": 500,
  "detail": "Server-side problem. Contact support.",
  "traceId": "1f5cfe47fe579f585d8c9ff80c05035c"
Note that the dataset used by the insight yields a result when the
Run query
button is clicked.
Hi, How are you creating the Insight, please? Via UI or via API call?
via UI
Is this happening with any insight you are trying to create? Or only when you use some particular attributes/facts/metrics? Did you try to filter the Insight further?
hmm this is a new insight that i created. i didn't apply any new filters on the insight itself -- i simply used the dataset as is. i also tried removing some attributes, sometimes it shows some data, sometimes it doesn't 😞
Does it mean that you are trying to visualize all the data from this dataset at once? Please make sure that result doesn’t break some of our limits.
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