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https://university.gooddata.com/embed-with-gooddata/1395293 This GoodData University course makes reference to a GD.UI course but the link is dead. Is the GD.UI course still available?
@Stepan Machovsky - could you check this for Levi, please?
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Hey Levi, As far as I know, these courses were bit outdated, therefore they were removed. Sorry for the dead reference here. I believe that Stepan will just confirm my assumption here.
Hi @Levi Liester, thank you for catching this! 🙂 The courses are hidden as of now, as we released GD.UI v9, which introduced quite a few breaking changes and a new way how to start with it. I'll remove the link in the mentioned course. 🙂
I've removed the links and replaced them with a more appropriate link to the documentation. In case you are still interested in embedding, I can recommend the GD.UI docs and our Embedding docs. Hope this helps! 🙂
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