Not sure where this question belongs so I'll ask h...
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Not sure where this question belongs so I'll ask here and someone can direct me to another location I'm finding it take a lot of overhead to interact withe child workspace creation, user creation, permissions, workspace data filters, etc when the only interaction if via the API. I have a hot mess of Postman API calls have to keep track of to manage things. The APIs are convenient to programmatically interact with GD but I think it would save me a good amount of time as I'm setting things up to be able to do more things in the GD UI ( Are there any plans on created a more feature rich UI to manage things like child workspaces and workspace data filters?
Bit of context. As a dev, I'm setting up the integration with GD to programmatically create workspaces for our customer accounts. The idea is that a more business focused member of my team will be doing the work in GD. However they aren't able to see many of the things like the workspace data filters, user access and permission, etc. The only way I'm seeing to quality check those things is via API calls, which they won't have.
Hi Levi, I understand where you are coming from. I am not aware of any plans to set this a different way other than the APIs, but I recommend staying tuned to our release notes to be up to speed with our latest features. Personally, I find importing the GoodData OpenAPI schema to an API Platform straightforward and easy to work with. You can start calling GoodData API endpoints from there. Check out our community article to learn how to import GoodData OpenAPI schema to Postman API Platform.
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Hi Levi, obviously business people cannot use directly our APIs. Imagine the following scenario: 1. you set up a CICD pipeline calling our APIs based on declarative definitions of workspaces including permissions and filters 2. business persona edits YAML files manipulating with filters and permissions 3. business persona creates pull requests, the pipeline delivers changes Moreover, we are now working on an IDE experience, which provides features like intellisense. Would this be a valid experience for your business users?
🤔 The reference to an IDE gives me the feeling it would not be a valid experience for the non-devs. Things like workspace hierarchy and GD users are things I think non-devs would like to be able to see and administer. We could facilitate this by building a UI on top of the APIs in our system. I would think this would be more appropriate to have in the GD system
Thanks for your input. I have gone ahead and submitted product feedback on your behalf to take them into account in any product improvements to be released in the future.