hi all! please forgive this n00b question: we a...
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hi all! please forgive this n00b question: we are brand new to GoodData so our product transferred from Trial POC to [our company's name].cloud.gooddata.com. we're getting together tomorrow with our CSM to kick off discussions, including things like our need to be able to set up users and their access, but for today: a few of the users from our trial version no longer have access to our named site, and i'm wondering how to add them (can i do it from the UI?)? thanks so much in advance!
Hi Irina! Do you know if authentication in your domain is being done via your company’s OIDC? If so, have you Mapped the users to the new OIDC when you finished setting it up? That should ensure that all users who had access on the trial also have it on the new domain. I checked from my end, located your org, and during provisioning all users were transferred over. Otherwise, you can create users via the API, as per this article. Note that the user must already exist on your OIDC in order to be added to your GoodData domain 🙂