Hello, I would like to <change date format> of wee...
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Hello, I would like to change date format of week Date Attribute from Y-w (e.g. 2023-01) to dates when the week starts and ends (e.g. 2023/01/02 ~ 2023/01/08) How should I specify a format to send API request ?
Hello Kota, Unfortunately, this is not possible right now, as per the Date Datasets support only certain granularity. You can find more details here. If I understand it correctly, you’d appreciate multiple labels(formats) for certain granularity levels/date attributes - please correct me if I am wrong here.
I am not sure about "granularity" but I think this is single label. For example, month of year granularity, I can change format from 1 to Jan, from 2 to Feb... if I use "LLL" format. In case of week of year granularity, week 1 in 2023 means period of 02/01/2023 ~ 08/01/2023. So I think there is some format to change week of year format to 02/01/2023 ~ 08/01/2023.
Or, is there any format to change week of year to 02/01/2023(only include date when the week start)?
Hi Kota, I’m afraid this isn’t possible at this current point in time. I will mark this for our product team to review and evaluate for the future roadmap.
🎉 New note created.