Hi there, Can someone enlight me on the proper way...
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Hi there, Can someone enlight me on the proper way to translate or localize values in GoodData? Let's say I write a metric that I would name "Something". If I use this metric in an insight, "Something" would be displayed in the legend of that insight. What if a french person is visiting that page, how can I translate the name of that metric in french? I have a similar issue if I use attributes directly from my dataset in the view by of an insight. In that case, the name of the column would be displayed below the insight. That name is obviously somewhat technical and, also, not localized to the reader. What is the proper way to translate or labelize those technical terms? I'm sorry if that question was only answered - I was only able to find the documentation related to GoodData platform (seems to be done by uploading a translation file). The only cloud native document I found is this one but doesn't help with attributes/metrics, only the interface language. Thanks in advance!
Hi Simon, thank you for sharing your use case with us. Metadata localization may be introduced later this year. At this time it is only possible to translate the text in the UI elements.
But this is possible in the GoodData platform: Metadata Localization | GoodData Free
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understood, thank you for the answer