Hello, I am trying to evaluate if GoodData fits ou...
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Hello, I am trying to evaluate if GoodData fits our use case. So far it is looking good I have gone through several of the GoodData University courses but I have a specific question I can't quite pin down an answer to: We have a multi-tenant customer base that we would like to allow to use the "Analyze" functionality in a child workspace in the multitenant hierarchy. In other words, would like to allow a user to do simple self service analysis of some data sets. Would we be able to accomplish that in a embedded sort of way in our own website with white labelling etc? Or do they need to log in to your site to do that?
Hi @Jeremy Lawrence! Great to hear the evaluation looks good! May I suggest checking the following documentation? The short answer is yes, you can embed the Analyze functionality and make it a part of you own website, while also allowing this ability in a multi-tenant setup for child workspaces. If you need a demonstration of how could that look like or any more details, do not hesitate to let me know
Great, this looks promising. Thanks!
@Jeremy Lawrence If you want to connect and talk more about what you are trying to achieve with GD Cloud, please let me know. Or simply book a meeting from my calendar.