Hello! I've created a new segment within my produ...
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Hello! I've created a new segment within my product and it's being managed by LCM successfully. However the correct theme is not being applied to workspaces under this new segment when I run rollout or provisioning brick. I've activated the theme on the master workspace but for some reason it's not being propagated to the segments workspaces. https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/dashboards-and-insights/create-custom-themes/manage-themes-with-life-cycle-management/
Hi Luis, this is actually intended behavior meant to allow different branding for different clients within the segment. For this reason the rollout does not override workspace-level theme. To set the default theme for all your workspaces at once, rather than setting it for each individual workspace, you can easily set it on the whole dataproduct level:
You can then override any specific workspace theme by changing the selectedUiTheme directly on the workspace level. Technically you should be able to to define it in any of the hierarchical levels as described here. Also please make sure that your theme definitions are transferred to your client workspaces. Some configurations of the release brick might not be trasfering the schemes, since they are not directly tied to specific dashboards. You can check what themes do exist in your client workspace like this:
If they happen not to be transferred, you might want to change the way how your release brick is selecting what to transfer either wiht parameter
or even better with
(by tagging your theme and other dashboards/objects you want to transfer from dev to master).