I have a question about the Python SDK. I'm trying...
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I have a question about the Python SDK. I'm trying to find the equivalent of updating individual visualizations such as the RESTful method
, but haven't found anything like it. The only thing I can find that might be able to do the job is
. For some context, I've been working with one of GoodData's python sdk-examples and it issues the request via cmd execution of constructed
statements. So I guess my question is, what are my options? Thanks.
Hello Erik, Perhaps, the examples from the following doc page: https://github.com/gooddata/gooddata-python-sdk/blob/master/gooddata-api-client/docs/VisualizationObjectApi.md are what you were looking for and would help? If not, could you please describe more your use case?
So it's under the api client, I see. I haven't used it before, but these examples should help. Thanks for the quick reply.
You are welcome, I am glad I could help. 👍🏼
i think there is a bug in the readme's test code (https://github.com/gooddata/gooddata-python-sdk/tree/master/gooddata-api-client#getting-started). It should include the line
from gooddata_api_client.model.json_api_api_token_in import JsonApiApiTokenIn
as the class is referenced on line 23. Just FYI
Thank you for letting us know and pointing out the missing part. We will let the responsible team know so that they can review and fix this.
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