Hello all, Is it possible to hide an attribute fr...
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Hello all, Is it possible to hide an attribute from our users in "Analyze" tab without removing the same attribute from the LDM? Thanks and Happy New Year!
Hi Luis, Happy New Year to you as well! You can use the Object Renaming Tool to hide objects (such as attributes) from your users. The article I just linked explains it in more detail, including some caveats about using it in that way (for example, that the object may become difficult for Admins to locate, as well), so I would recommend giving it a good read before proceeding!
Hi @Luis Carriço, let me just point out that with embedded Analytics Designer (Analyze) and embedded Dashboards, you can hide objects using the
URL parameter.
If you use embedded Analytical Designer and only want to prevent users from seeing some objects there, consider using the
URL parameters (see Embed Analytical Designer).
Thank! Will take a look into the documentation.
Hello, We use LCM Bricks managed by a Service Workspace and want to hide specific fields from ClientIds/ProjectIds. Which process should we deploy to the service workspace to manage that? In the documentation I see a "object rename" process which is not availabe to us, only bricks processes. Thanks
Hi @Luis Carriço, do I understand right that you don’t see this type of process in your process selector?
Hello Tomas, yes correct. Don't see it:
Thank for the response. I have to admin that’s beyond my knowledge of the platform. Can I ask @Francisco Antunes to step in?
@Luis Carriço I will DM you some questions so we can look into it, OK?
Hi @Luis Carriço there is in fact a way of hiding an attribute without the Object Renaming Utility. It’s possible to simply manually set the tags that the utility would use to hide the attributes. Here’s how to do it: 1. Access the Metadata Query resources Gray Pages for your domain at
2. Several types of objects will be listed there. select
. Then, select the attribute you want to hide. This will open the Gray Page for that particular attribute. a. I would recommend saving the object’s URL/ID somewhere, as it may prove difficult to locate manually after it is hidden. 3. Then, set it to edit mode by adding
to the end of the URL. 4. Finally, locate the
tag (by default set to
), and set it to
. This will result in the attribute being hidden from the workspace (in the Analytical Designer, Report Builder, even the LDM screen), but it will still show up in any insights and dashboards. Let me know if this works out for you!