Hi All :wave: I am asking this question here since...
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Hi All 👋 I am asking this question here since I am not sure, whether this feature is for platform or cloud native offering. I see there is a mention of AI-accelerated analytics within GoodData where one can input text which gets translated into insight. Where is this feature and how can I learn more about it ?
Hello Shankar, You should be able to find all the relevant articles in the bellow GoodData resources using
Artificial Intelligence
tag: https://www.gooddata.com/resources/tags/artificial-intelligence/
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Regarding your specific questions, please let me double-check this internally so we can give you precise answer.
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+1 here, this is also something I would like to know more about, and reading the articles I couldn't find anything regarding activation, inclusion or add ons. @DIEGO MATOS GUEDES, @Gabriela Fuchida
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Hi, the features around AI / NLQ are currently available only in our closed private beta environment. We are working very hard on extending this environment to be able to include even more users. Please give us a little more time to prepare it and we will post announcement here once we are ready. To answer the initial question, all AI/NLQ features are currently explored exclusively on GoodData Cloud version of our product. There are no short-term plans for making them available in GoodData Platform.
I was excited to see AI/NLQ capabilities from the website but understand that it is not going to be available in platform 😞